Lewis Gaffney

Lewis Gaffney, B.S.

Graduate Student Researcher
Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering
North Carolina State University & University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill



Lewis began his PhD career in August of 2015 after completing his undergraduate degree in western North Carolina. Lewis’ research focuses primarily on developing a model for interactions of the muscle tendon unit to guide scaffold development and regenerative medicine therapies. In his spare time Lewis loves riding and racing his bike, listening to the Avett Brothers and Taco Tuesday.

B.S. Mathematics, Brevard College, 2014

B.S. Exercise Science, Brevard College, 2014


2019 BME Department Travel Award

2015 TORL Lab Rookie of the Year

2014 Highest GPA for Exercise Science Majors

2014 Outstanding Student for Mathematics Majors

2012 ACA STEM Scholarship Recipient


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