Stephanie Teeter, M.Ed.

Research Technician

Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering,
North Carolina State University &
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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Stephanie acts as a research technician and lab manager for TORL, as well as other labs in the biomedical engineering department. Her research focuses primarily on the biology side of biomedical engineering and she has an especially strong background in tissue culture and bench techniques such as biochemistry assays. Additionally, she keeps the lab running smoothly and safety-violation free. In her “free time” she is pursuing a doctorate in in science education, also at NC State. Her research lies at the intersection of informal science education and science communication, and she hopes to support scientists’ public engagement efforts.  In her actual free time, Stephanie enjoys crossword puzzles, being outside, weight lifting, and spending time with friends. Additionally, Stephanie wants it to be known that if the lab competitions were based on important things like trivia, rather than petty things like hand-eye coordination, she’d be crushing it.

Ph.D, Science Education, NC State, 2017-present
M.Ed, Science Education, NC State, 2014 – 2017
B.S. Biology, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2006


2023 BME Department Achievement Award, for Excellence in Service
2023 NC State College of Education Doctoral Dissertation Completion grant
2021 NC State College of Education Global Graduate Presenter award
2019 Wake County School-to-Career Council Outstanding Volunteer award
2018, 2019 UNC System’s Janet B. Royster Memorial Scholarship recipient
2017 NC State Award for Excellence, for Public Service
2017 College of Engineering Award for Excellence, for Public Service
2014 TORL Veteran of the Year

Select publications

  • McCance, K.R.*, Teeter, S.D.*, Blanchard, M.R., & Venditti, R.A. (2023) Using Activity Theory to understand an interdisciplinary team’s co-development of high school lab activities. Studies in Higher Education, 48(6), 892-909. DOI: 1080/03075079.2023.2172564 *Authors contributed equally.
  • Teeter, S.D., & Painter, J.L. (2022). Exploring a Scientist-Teacher Partnership Model to Support Scientists’ Outreach Efforts. In G.S. Carvalho, A.S. Afonso & Z. Anastácio (Eds.), Fostering scientific citizenship in an uncertain world (Proceedings of ESERA 2021), Part 8: Scientific Literacy and Socio-scientific Issues (co-ed. Antti Laherto & Eliza Rybska), (pp. 591-599). Braga: CIEC, University of Minho. ISBN: 978-972-8952-82-2.
  • Teeter S.D., Husseini, N.S., & Cole J.H. (2020) Assessing changes in attitudes toward engineering and biomechanics resulting from a high school outreach event. Journal of Biomechanics. 103: DOI: 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2020.109683 
  • Bodle, J.C., Teeter, S.D., Hluck, B.H., Hardin, J.P., Bernacki, S.H., & Loboa, E.G., (2014) Age-related effects of the potency of human adipose-derived stem cells, Tissue Engineering Part C 20(12), 972-83. DOI: 1089/ten.TEC.2013.0683